The Christmas holiday is knocking. You are about to get that long break from work or school and mostly be bored by yourself in your room. For the days that you don’t feel like going out, there are TV shows that may keep you company. Run through these and trust me, you’ll enjoy 90%.


Euphoria is a teen melodrama created by Sam Levinson whose setting is in a Southern California bedroom community.  The plot of the show follows the story of high school students and their experiences with drugs, sex, love and friendships among other things young people encounter. The show stars Zendaya, as a 17 year old former drug addict.

Peaky Blinders

Premiered in 2013, Peaky Blinders is an English crime series that may probably run up to the 7th season or more. The story of the show rotates around the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and highly cunning boss Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy). When an arms shipment meant for Libya is intercepted and stolen, the gang catches the attention of Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (Sam Neil), a detective sent into Birmingham (the plot setting) from Belfast by British Premier Winston Churchill.

Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan or simply known as Jack Ryan is an American spy series based on characters created in the fictional “Ryanverse” by Tom Clancy himself.  It premiered on August 31, 2018 and has had its third season flagged off for production. The story rotates around John Krasinski, the title character who is a financial analyst with the CIA that has noticed suspicious transfers of money around suspected terrorists. If you haven’t watched it, you can start. Good watch this one.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a teen comedy drama series created by Laurie Nunn. The first season premiered on 11th January, 2019 on Netflix. In February 2019, Netflix renewed Sex Education for a second series that will be released in 2020 after over 40M people streamed the first season.

The story line of Sex  Education is around a socially weird teenager Otis Milburn. Despite his mother being a professional sex therapist who frankly talks about sex, Otis is struggling with the subject of sex. After miraculously assisting a school bully with his sexual performance anxiety, Otis decides to set up a sex counselling shop to educate fellow students in how to deal with their own sexual problems.


Of course, Vikings has to feature. Vikings is a Historical series created by Micheal Hirst and first premiered on the History Channel in 2013.

This year in January, it was announced that their 6th season which comes out in December this year will be its last and what a journey!

Vikings is based on the adventures of Ragnor Lothbrok, a little known farmer that rises up to Scandinavian King after successful raids on England. His story of courage and dare devil character is later carried on to his sons that continue his legacy across France and the Mediterranean.

Notable mentions: Money Heist, Blacklist, Outlander, Black Sails and the Last Kingdom.

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