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Social Media Kings: Meet Joshua Mulwana, Engineer Turned Twitter Darling

Like the common question it has become, are millennials slowly moving away from practicing what they studied and tending towards letting their passions bake their cakes? Joshua Mulwana commonly known as Pirate Mulwana, a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering from Makerere University is one of this kind.

His love for social media and communications has over the years made him a Twitter darling and one of the top influencers in Uganda. This budding career path has many young people joining and surviving off it but some have mastered the professionalism and craft it requires to pull it off as a reliable digital marketer. Case in point, Joshua Mulwana.

“But does this social media thing pay off?” Some people from Gen X will ask but Pirate Mulwana is one of the few influencers who have tangible things to show for it. Recently he expressed his gratitude towards his hard work for earning him a car which he bought with money ONLY made from influencing.

“Practicing electrical engineering is not my priority now and honestly not any time soon. I eat and breath digital marketing.” Joshua said when asked if he will ever practice engineering.


Like the man of many talents he is, he surprised his twitter followers when he uploaded a video of himself doing a cover to Ed Sheeran’s perfect- with his saxophone.
“My mum gifted me with a sax because she knew how much I loved music. I took it upon myself to learn the sax from YouTube tutorials and later enrolled into a music school. I have started doing small gigs with my sax and it’s one of the most fulfilling things ever.” Joshua said.

If anyone is focused on their passions in this generation, Pirate Mulwana is one of them. We wish him all the best in his endeavors. One question remains though, Can social media be enjoyed without the most reliable data bundles? Don’t be left out. Dial *157# to enjoy pulse bundles.

Next Big Star: Meet Tusuubira Patricia, a Young Photographer On The Rise

Over time, the art of photography has grown and developed and many pulsers have grasped the art of not just using a good phone to take pictures but also being able to hold those huge cameras to capture moments. Tusuubira Cathy Patricia is a 22 year old pulser who is also a professional photographer. Tsubie; as most of her friends refer to her started photography in her s.6 vacation when she took photos for a poetry show. It was then that she realized that she loved to capture moments and sharing them with the world.

She has grown from just taking photos of her friends to taking pictures at graduations, birthdays and weddings and that is why she has her own events photography company called Tsubie photography. Aside from her own photography, she is also a sports photographer at Kratos Sports Africa. At this rate, Tsubie will soon be a big name in the world of photography in Uganda.

Tsubie however, is not only about photography. She is also the Chairman Board of Directors of The Event architect and a co-owner of a company called Rainbow pages that makes posters, greeting cards, etc. She is also an active volunteer at Bambino Life Foundation; an NGO that aims at bettering the lives of the differently-abled children. On top of all that, she trains fellow students in Makerere University in public speaking under a club called Makerere Toastmasters.

She is an all-round lady with a good head on her shoulder. When we asked her how she balanced all these with school, she said, “Balancing all these is all about listing and ranking your priorities to make your life a lot easier.”

You can probably learn from Tsubie or even hire her for one of your events. Buy yourself an MTN pulse SWIFT bundle by dialing *157*20# and follow her on her social media pages.

Facebook: Patricia Tusuubira

Instagram: tsubie_trishie

Twitter: @TsubieTrishie

Smirnoff Ice Green Apple lights up Makerere Students at Mitchellex Carnival

Every year, residents of Mitchell Hall at Makerere University host the annual Mitchellex Carnival and this year was no exception as the carnival was held on Friday evening at the Mitchell Hall Grounds.

The annual event brings together present and past residents of Mitchell and Complex Halls to celebrate comradely between the two, culture and foster friendships. The event is held every second semester of the year.

This year’s event was even bigger, with a unique fresh experience, attributed to a much needed cash boost from Smirnoff Ice Green Apple, a new product by Uganda Breweries. Drinks were in plenty and the entertainment line-up was even better.

The carnival that was slated to start at 8pm, kicked off early with DJ Ali Breezy on the decks at 7pm, whose performance attracted more students to the grounds.

By 9pm it was full house with students struggling to find where to position themselves as they danced to put off the university stress that had clothed them in recent weeks as the party went on into the wee hours of the night with an explosive performance by DJ Ciza that kept the students on their feet.