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Pulse Social Media Queen: Meet Angella Atukwase, Young Fashionista Passionate About Trends

Latest News | 2020-02-13

Angella Atukwase aka Tush is a 23 year old pulser who has decided to do fashion because it’s been a dream of hers since childhood. Growing up, girls usually mentioned that they wanted to become fashion designers but that dream was washed away by the so many things we wish to become at every new step of our lives.

Unlike many other girls, Tush is living her dream as a fashion designer; right from the way she dresses, to her lifestyle. It is not shocking that the young fashionista is working to become the next Slyvia Owori in Uganda.

Tush is one of the proprietors of G & A Wear, a fashion brand that she started in her 2nd year of campus with a friend. The business started off as an online business for African print off shoulder tops and dresses however, it has now grown to having a physical location at Mukisa Arcade. Because of her love for fashion, Tush studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and fine art at Makerere University.

Aside from fashion, she is a humanitarian working with a number of charitable organisations to give back to disadvantaged families. She is currently working with a non-profitable organisation called iExperience that reaches out to children and mothers offering them help and mentorship in different areas to enable them have a fairly sustainable standard of living.

Tush is a beautiful, brilliant and ambitious lady. It comes as no shock that she has a following of 14.3k followers on Instagram. People clearly love the content that she posts which includes some of the designs from her fashion brand. In the next couple of years, we hope to see G&A Wear become a household brand making more customized outfits for more Ugandans. Get yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and follow @ga_wear on Instagram or her personal page @thee_stunner_angellah

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