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Pulse Music Review: Teri Mubi Album by Afrigo Band

By far the oldest band still in business in Uganda, Afrigo Band should be the benchmark of longevity, consistency and quality in the music industry. From the times of Crane Band, and the coining of the name “Afrigo” from Moses Matovu’s thought process of “Africa Go”, the talented countrymen have been giving us “Endongo Semadongo” from when we attained independence in the early 60’s.

With a barrage of albums to their name, “Abaana Ba Afrigo” released “Teri Mubi” an album with a touch of modern styles of music, but still true to their style that made a name for them as Legends. On a listen, you will find Teri Mubi a very intriguing album:

“Gira oyige” is a brilliant love song, that doesn’t base on cliches, but still sends the message loud and clear. The lyric “anaakukwata ko agenda kaganga”, is reminiscent of Mr. Matovu’s lines on “Jim Wange” which threaten suitors to avoid his lover. “Tojjanga” is an appreciation song. Has someone ever done something great for you, and you felt like they don’t even need to come to your funeral since they’ve literally given you the world? Well, that’s the feeling Afrigo seeks to talk about.

“Emiziro”, is a song about clans and totems in Buganda and “Olulimi Lwange” exalts the Luganda language. Afrigo has always been a pro-Buganda band, and praises the Kabaka and sings about the Pride of the Kingdom at every chance. The Bakisimba drums on this piece scream “Sewannyana”. The song gives you memories of his classic hit “Mulamu Wange”, from his days with Percussion Discussion Africa. Clever juxtaposition with mainstream band instruments makes it one of my best on the album.

“Omuze” scorns vile people, and how it’s hard for them to abandon their bad habits. Reminiscent of “Sekitulege”, an all time Afrigo Classic, this particular piece has a taste of South American salsa music, and must have a big contribution of the maestro Charmant Mushaga; due to the various tasty guitar licks.

Featuring the evergreen Jose Chameleone is “Teri Mubi”, which is the only collabo on the album. Afrigo aren’t a fan of collabos, but doing this particular one was a wise decision. The only other Afrigo collabo I can think of is “Nkwagala”, featuring Kahiri of Qwela Band, in which Moses Matovu did more of a sax contribution. Anyway the zouk-influenced Teri Mubi, which gives the album its name, praises diversity in the beauty of women, and that there’s no ugly woman, it’s just a matter of the beholder’s choice. Joseph and Moses, the two legends in their right, praise God’s generosity towards women, as he gave them unique features from each other: different complexions, shapes, sizes et al.

“Kitokota” tells of the happy city that Jinja is; the nightlife and love for music and sports. It is clearly the only song on which another Afrigo member’s voice is heard on the album. Racheal Magoola delivers her sharp Obangaina-esque Lusoga lyrics and Rudeboy Devo mentions other band member names, like Sewannyana and Joanitta Kawalya.

“Hamjambo” is pristine jazz. The main act is Mzee Matovu’s sax, speaking to you in only a language the soul understands. Only word in the song is the question “Hamjambo?”, a Swahili equivalent of the greeting “How are you?” It is repeated a couple of times as the song fades. The response is clearly obvious after such beautiful melodies.

That said, “Teri Mubi” will live on relevantly like all those old Afrigo Albums that we still dance exuberantly to till today, but I wasn’t so happy that we didn’t get to hear Joanitta Kawalya and other band members sing on the album. You can check it out on Tidal via the link below, but you need to first dial *157# and get affordable deals.

Pulse Hustler: Meet Ampaire Sydney, 26 Year Old CEO of Blutbad Capital

For the longest time, we have liked to invest in fields that lie within our comfort zones but I guess that is changing for many young people as they are taking leaps of faith to venture out in risky and complex markets. Sydney also commonly known as Russian, took a firm stride into financial and capital markets, a field that is slowly becoming familiar to young people as we have seen these in the movies we watch.


“The concept behind Blutbad Capital began in my Freshman year at University. That was in 2015, my Engineering Maths professor, Gromov Nikolay Alexandervich, had mentored several of his students who went on to become great Investment bankers. One day he decided to Lecture us about his proprietary which he had designed based on certain data statistical analysis to help him trade capital and Financial markets. That’s the day I fell in love with the Markets.” Sydney explained when asked how he started out.

He went on to say that what really inspired him to start was the way his Professor made something so complex, look so simple and do-able by an average human being. One of his favorite quotes that says  “A journey of 1000 miles begins with only 1 step” is what keeps him going each time he starts to second guess his hustle. However, Sydney is determined to push on until he gets to his destination.


One of the major challenges he has faced in this industry is “Marketeers playground”

“Our kind of business is filled with over 95% marketeers who honestly have no idea what they are saying but take advantage of the public’s unawareness about these markets and prey on them with dubious promises which are backed up by Ponzi schemes. BLUTBAD CAPITAL wants to bridge that gap and sensitize each and every one about the financial and Capital markets. That’s why we started our TRADER’S ACADEMY.” He explained

One of his biggest sacrifices has been setting sleep free.  “It has a big effect on my health ofcourse, but if I want to compete on a global basis, then I ought to be at pace with other traders.”

Aside stock trading, Sydney’s relentless hobby is to get fat; as he calls it. He also has a very unique talent called pareidolia. It’s a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random data. Byebyo!!

In this era, one needs to be on their toes for what’s coming next. Buy pulse data bundles by dialing *157*20# and check out Sydney’s work at


Social Media Kings: Meet Joshua Mulwana, Engineer Turned Twitter Darling

Like the common question it has become, are millennials slowly moving away from practicing what they studied and tending towards letting their passions bake their cakes? Joshua Mulwana commonly known as Pirate Mulwana, a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering from Makerere University is one of this kind.

His love for social media and communications has over the years made him a Twitter darling and one of the top influencers in Uganda. This budding career path has many young people joining and surviving off it but some have mastered the professionalism and craft it requires to pull it off as a reliable digital marketer. Case in point, Joshua Mulwana.

“But does this social media thing pay off?” Some people from Gen X will ask but Pirate Mulwana is one of the few influencers who have tangible things to show for it. Recently he expressed his gratitude towards his hard work for earning him a car which he bought with money ONLY made from influencing.

“Practicing electrical engineering is not my priority now and honestly not any time soon. I eat and breath digital marketing.” Joshua said when asked if he will ever practice engineering.


Like the man of many talents he is, he surprised his twitter followers when he uploaded a video of himself doing a cover to Ed Sheeran’s perfect- with his saxophone.
“My mum gifted me with a sax because she knew how much I loved music. I took it upon myself to learn the sax from YouTube tutorials and later enrolled into a music school. I have started doing small gigs with my sax and it’s one of the most fulfilling things ever.” Joshua said.

If anyone is focused on their passions in this generation, Pirate Mulwana is one of them. We wish him all the best in his endeavors. One question remains though, Can social media be enjoyed without the most reliable data bundles? Don’t be left out. Dial *157# to enjoy pulse bundles.

Pulse MCM: Meet 23Year Old Shaka, a Master of All Trades

Is music the easiest talent to explore? You would think so considering there are so many young people doing it or joining the industry. However music to Shaka is a passion he has had since he was a kid. “I discovered I could sing way back in primary seven when I would kill Michael Jackson’s – We are the world song.” He said


Like a man of talent he is, it is safe to say that he is a jack of all trades. He has explored the various aspects of the arts industry. Modeling, dancing, poetry, photography, basket ball name it.

Although he is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism, his heart is also fully in for music. He first rose to mini-fame when he did a Sam smith-Too good at goodbyes cover that made rounds on social media. However, what made people curious about who he is, is when he did Winnie Nwagi’s Matala that left the songstress stunned. Because, people believe in his dream, he has got chance to perform at different platforms like Mavuno, Kenjis, National theatre, charity events and ofcourse church.

Shaka advises pulsers to always believe in themselves because no one will do so if they don’t do it first. He also advises them to work so hard on their craft so that it can speak for itself.

Recently, he released an EP album that no one saw coming. His impressive choice to hunt for his dream really hard at an early age will eventually pay off. Check out this track on TIDAL: “Its Over” by Shaka Mao

Pulse Financial Tips For a Budget Friendly Valentines 2020

By Guest writer: Mugabi Patsy.

How do you say I love you this Valentines without putting your financial health in jeopardy? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are a few tips to make it memorable without getting stressed.

Take time off together and stay indoors.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which is the most ideal time to relax and wind down. Shake off the stress of the week and do something but fulfilling to both of you. You can still make the day special even while indoors by planning a game night, binge-watching your fave movies or even setting up at-home spa night.

Put your heart into a home-cooked meal

If you missed out on a dinner reservation at a restaurant, you can still cook at home. Sharing a savory meal on this day is as simple as setting aside time to cook for or with your partner. A pro tip for the guys, a candlelit dinner will go a long way. You can also plan for breakfast in bed on the morning of February 15th.

If cooking is not your forte, then you can look for inspiration using several cooking apps like Cooking Recipes or Yummly. These also help you save money over time as opposed to eating out every night.

Get creative.

Breaking the bank should be the last thing on your mind this Valentine’s. Spill your creative juices and take a trip down memory lane. Recreate your favorite memories or create some new ones. Invest in your talents or learn a new skill together. Take a painting class .Even if you’re no Rema or Kenzo, you write a song together or play an instrument in turns , but whatever you do, throw your heart over the bar.

If you’re going out do something unexpected. 

You can avoid Valentine’s crowds and make the day more memorable by going out to a very low-key place. You can even leave notes with ideas like in a scavenger heart to make it more adventurous as you plan to spend quality time together. You are enjoying time together on a budget. Fancy but lowkey.

Plan for the near future.

As you enjoy your dinner date and bottle of wine this valentines take it a notch higher and plan for your financial health and future money plans. This is to ensure you are both on a journey to financial freedom. Talk about individual savings, joint accounts, spending plans, investing opportunities. You can also discuss the issue of debt. Did you know you can qualify for a loan of up to UGX 1,000,000 that is directly deposited to your MTN Mobile Money account using MTN MoKash?

Remember that your love is just about the two of you. Collect memories, not things and save your monies with MTN Mokash.